“…I have been in more than 30 countries, I have eaten exquisite food and desserts in each one, but no one has ever presented me with something that tasted as good as it looked, until I ate one of your cakes.

The detailed decorations, all from scratch, edible, beautiful, it seems like you would like to work on the cake forever until it’s perfect in your opinion, it’s breathtaking. Then after the impressive presentation, comes the mouthwatering experience of eating the best cake you ever had. The texture, the fillings, the combinations are always delightful and all made from scratch.  I have taken your cakes as gifts to my clients and they have in turn become your clients. My favorite of all times, regardless of how it looks, the flourless chocolate cake, you have to sit down and let no one distract you from enjoying this cake. Then there is the cake you made for our 24th Wedding Anniversary (tool box cake), it was special!!!

This is the result of a baker that not only loves what she is doing, but researches, studies and tests everything that she makes (cookies, brownies, flan, cup cakes, wedding cakes, etc.) to make sure she accomplishes the best for your request… ”-Tatiana Thompson

The best thing at my wedding, other than my husband, was the cake. Thank you.”- Lidia, bride   

 “Thank You so much. The wedding cake was not only beautiful it was delicious. I wish I had gotten a little more before all my guests devoured it. I had several comments from my guests that my wedding cake was the most beautiful AND delicious combination than any other they had experienced at a wedding. Many heartfelt thanks for the work you and Karen put into making our day so wonderful.”- Debra, bride


“The cake was incredible, even better than we tasted!  Everyone loved it!  Thank you so much.”- Samantha, bride


“Well every single person said how good it was. The groom’s aunt said “I have never seen such a beautiful wedding cake in my life” …EVERY person commented on how good it was… guests said they never tasted a cake like that one!!!! Even the caterer came by yesterday to the office asking who made the cake and said “It was a masterpiece.””- Karen, guest

Dear Soraya,

Thank you so much for making the delicious tiramisu for the rehearsal luncheon. The actual tiramisu was phenomenal but the monogram on top really set the tone. Everyone loved the personalization and couldnt d stop talking about it. We will definitely keep you in mind for the future.

Warm wishes,

Hense &Michell

Dear Soraya,

I can't begin to tell you how much joy we have gotten out of our cake experience with you. Starting from our first meeting and tasting, where I was a bit embarrassed about how my husband wanted a 'doggie bag' to take some samples home, to our wedding anniversary where our guests were delighted by your awesome creation. You designed it just as I asked, but the best was the delicious taste and texture. We had so many compliments that night on account of our cake. We were thrilled that we could treat our guests to such great quality and it paid off. Thank you for your very professional and warm service. You will always be in our minds to recommend to our friends.

Thank you,

The Martinez Family

Charlotte, NC

Everyone loved the cake! It was all gone. My mother in law said that she would defiantly order from you if she ever needed a cake. It was both delicious and pleasing to the eye. Great job!- Angela, bride

The cake was absolutely fabulous!  What exquisite flavors...and the smooth buttercream...I've never seen such smooth buttercream on a wedding cake.  Mary 

The wedding cake was just what I wanted and it was a slice of heaven.  All my guests just love it...there wasn't a slice left after the reception. –Mina 

Everyone loved the cupcakes; the coconut was my personal favorite.  They were decorated beautifully and were delicious.  I wanted to thank you for being so kind to me and helping us out last minute.  I took some of the business cards from Jodie so I can give them out.  I wish you a busy season full of weddings, parties and showers.  You have an amazing talent. - Jennifer 

The cake was great. As a matter of fact, it was the best cake I've ever eaten. Everybody loved it. You are awesome. Angela K 

I absolutely loved the cake. It looked and tasted great. My Mom didn't want to cut it!!!!! It was awesome-thanks so much!!  -Christin 

We wanted to thank you for all the time and energy you’ve spent working with us to make our day that much more beautiful. You truly have a wonderful talent. Thank you for everything.- Stacey & Henry 

He was SO surprised and the cake was the hit of the party!  Thanks again! –Rachel 

Thanks so much!! The cake was beautiful and yummy! Creegers 

The cake was wonderful! Thank you!! –Dawna 

Dear Soraya,

Let me start out by saying the cake was beautiful. Our mom took one look and said Is everything on that cake edible? Followed by,Wow, wow, wow! The guests thought it was amazing. We wanted to thank you for the beautiful cake. Now to the taste, it tasted better than we could have imagined. I took ¼ of the bottom tier and ate myself sick all last week. We had it for breakfast the next morningLOL! J Thanks again. Pat, Whit and Steph

“OMG girl! The cake was awesome! They LOVED it... the cake looked beautiful!”- Ariella, guest


It has been a pleasure working with you. You do such beautiful work. You have made their wedding day so very special.

Thank you!



Thank you so much for such a WONDERFUL addition to our wedding! The cake was AWSOME to say the least! I cannot tell you how many people wanted to know who made the cakes. Thank you again, I appreciate all of your hard work! I will tell EVERYONE I know about you!

God Bless,